C-SYSTEM 10 10 CFS, multifunctional extremely reliable to fix, bu- ild, bond, laminate, protect, fill or create with wood and fiberglass. CFS: Completely Free Solvent. It has an outstanding quality standard and thanks to its fluidity it ex- ploits a series of additives which allow its use in every type of work to meet every need like: Bond wood-wood, wood-fiberglass, fiberglass-fiberglass and hetero- geneous materials. - Laminate fabrics of glass, carbon, kevlar onto wood and onto fiber- glass, etc. etc. - Structural Filler adding our additives: Microfiller Powder, Addensante no.2 or Natural Microfibers and Mineral Microfibers. - Filler - Undercoat for painted or varnished, transparent or otherwise wood. - Anti-osmosis undercoat, - Osmosis repair undercoat. Theoretical Coverage 300 - 500 g/sqm for bonding depending on the surface. It has to be applied on both surfaces. Primer base 12 -15 smq/kg Note: Available upon request Standard, Fast or Slow hardener for 4,5 kg and 30 Kg packages. Tools: brush, roller
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