VHF floating, Ipx8 pond with Bluetooth Microblue feature, which allows you to keep the phone in one place safe and use the VHF also for managing incoming and outgoing phone calls and Rewind Say Again to listen againany missed calls. It integrates all the functionalities of a DSC in class "D", a GPS with 66 channels, a torch with the strobe function and the distress call is possible via the distress button, automatically sending thegeographical coordinates and the MMSI, so that the coast guard can immediately place the position and the relevant data of the boat in distress (deducted from MMSI). The torch and the strobe function offer a further possibilityto visually signal your position and limit the possibility of being invested on your own boat rescue. The Noise Canceling allows a clear and clean listening to the transmission noises and the intensity bar of the signal is a useful aid for a correct and effective use. Transmission power selectable between 1, 3 or 6 watts for short and long range communication, optimizing battery use. Dedicated MOB button, marks and stores location information if a crew member falls into the sea. The functionalities Basic navigation include digital compass, waypoint navigation, route, speed, etc.Immediate access to channel 16 and 9. Flashes when it falls into the water and allows high visibility of all buttons function. Compatible AA batteries Useful in case of emergency. Autonomy of 16 hours at 1W and 8 hours at 6W, Absorption Tx: 1.8 A, Rx: 200 mA, Standby: 40 mA Dimensions 145h x 72 x 47 mm (antenna excluded). Weight with battery 290 gr. Includes AA battery pack, rechargeable lithium battery, 220V / 12V battery charger, desktop charger lock,antenna with sma attack, belt clip
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